Jay Rinehart

At Citizens Bank of Lafayette, we look for a networking company that has the knowledge, expertise and depth to handle our business needs. Artis Networks fits these criteria and we are very proud to call them a strategic partner in the financial network services arena.

Citizens Bank of Lafayette

Kevin Herrington

At a previous institution where I evaluated all IT vendors, Artis Networks and their staff made the very short list of vendors to be retained. Using them again at Franklin Synergy Bank was a no-brainer. Artis Networks has a proven track record of recommending and implementing the best solution for the need regardless of the size of the project. Many times they have saved us money by finding a low-cost solution rather than seeing our need as a large revenue opportunity for themselves. They are absolutely a trusted partner of Franklin Synergy Bank. The staff of Artis Networks is prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. It is comforting to know that we are working with a team that knows exactly what they are doing.

Chief Information Officer
Franklin Synergy Bank

Jason Doggett

Bank of Frankewing has done business with Artis Networks since 2005. They are always there when we need them.

Information Security Officer
Bank of Frankewing

Macon County EMS strives to provide the best Emergency Medical Services possible to the Citizens of Macon County. To do so requires a very unique and versatile internal network system for the three EMS stations and all our Units. Artis Networks understands the importance and dependability required for Macon County EMS, Artis Networks provides professional technical support and computer equipment necessary to develop and maintain the computer infrastructure.

Macon County Emergency Medical Services

Shelia Stovall

We’ve had virtually no problems since Artis Networks took over regular computer systems maintenance.

Allen County Public Library

At Macon County General Hospital we have used Artis Networks to provide consulting services and support for our network since the installation in early 2002. As a hospital, it is important for our network to be operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we rely on Artis to keep it that way. We are currently in the process of implementing a complete Electronic Health Record at our facility which will make our network needs even more critical and are looking forward to a continued relationship with Artis to provide the needed support and security an EHR will require.

Director IS/Materials Management
Macon County General Hospital

Macon Bank & Trust Co. has been doing business with Artis Networks for several years now. We rely on them for all types of service, including networking, all types of computer equipment, trouble shooting, computer maintenance, etc. All Artis employees are friendly and easy to work with. If it has to do with computer technology, Artis Networks has the expertise to handle the job.

Macon Bank & Trust Co.

If you want the best technology experience for your business, Artis Networks is the company for you. As a customer of the owner of Artis Networks for more than 14 years, I have found that this company exceeds all expectations of dependability, credibility, expertise and above all trustworthiness to manage the more than 1200 computers and networks in the Macon County School System.

Technology Director/SSMS AA
Macon County Board of Education

It is especially comforting to know that at the City of Lafayette, we have a company that is hard working, knowledgeable and with a quick resolution of hardware issues confronting us. I would highly recommend Artis Networks to anyone, for they have proven that customer satisfaction is important to their company.

City of Lafayette Recorder